Varsity Training ( Ages 15-18)

Designed to separate from the competition, this comprehensive approach to Combinetix for 15-18 year olds helps develop speed, strength, power and athleticism. Our athletes should commit to at least 2x/week during the off-season. Combinetix is designed to fit any athlete and any sport. Our Combinetix program will get you to achieve your goals, whether it’s speed, power, or quickness.

Annual Unlimited: $125/month
Seasonal Unlimited (3 months): $133/month
1-Month Unlimited: $150/month
Combinetix 10-Pack (Great for In-Season Athletes – 3-month window): $175
Single Session: $25

Group training up to 20 times
Dynamic Warm-Up, Form, Creating Combinetix Movements
*Includes “Open Gym” opportunity on workout days
*Includes 2x Rehab/Prehab sessions per week


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