Level 2 Package

Designed for athletes in their playing season and athletes wanting more from the weight room. Our Combinetix and 4-day/week strength program will stimulate our athletes’ bodies to outlift and outgrow the competition. The Level II Package also incorporates the recovery aspect of Combinetix with the inlcusion of two Rehab/Prehab sessions each week to ensure central nervous system activation and faster recovery.

6 Month Out-Of-Season (4x Days/Week): $125/month
3 Month Out-Of-Season (4x Days/Week): $133/month
1 Month Out-Of-Season (4x Days/Week): $150/month

Group training up to 15 times
Dynamic Warm-Up, 60 minute sessions
Includes 2x Rehab/Prehab sessions per week


1808 Woodmoor Dr
Monument, CO 80132