All-State Package

Designed for competitive athletes at the high school level and above. Our All-State Package mixes our JV or Varsity Speed Training Package with the Level II Strength Package to enhance the speed, strength, power, and athleticism. Our athletes will maximize their strength and speed potential by fusing the science of Combinetix and proper strength training. This package is structured two different ways; 1) as a 90-minute workout, 45 minutes for speed and 45 minutes for strength training, 2) a 90-minute strength training session followed by a 45 minute speed workout. Our strength program is designed to increase strength, power, and hypertrophy while our Combinetix program will ensure our athletes’ speed and functional flexibility develop at the same rate to ensure neuromuscular efficiency and maximize results.

Annual (4x Days/Week) Strength, Unlimited SAQ: $200/month
3-Month Out-Of-Season (4x Days/Week) Strength, Unlimited SAQ: $225/month
1-Month Out-Of-Season (4x Days/Week) Strength, Unlimited SAQ: $250/month

Group training up to 15 times
Dynamic Warm-Up, 60-min strength session
*Includes 2x Rehab/Prehab sessions per week


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