All-American Package

Designed for the serious athlete, we expect to see our collegiate and professional athletes in the All-American Package. We combine our Varsity Package and our Level III Strength Package in this intense All-American Package. We optimize our training program to leverage every aspect of Combinetix to maximize our athletes’ strength, speed, agility, quickness, power, and hypertrophy to compete as an elite athlete at the highest level. Our focus is not limited to our training as the All-American Package includes unlimited Rehab/Prehab sessions.

3 Month Out-Of-Season (5x Days/Week) Strength, Unlimited SAQ: $250/month
1 Month Out-Of-Season (5x Days/Week) Strength, Unlimited SAQ: $300/month

Group training up to 10 times
Dynamic Warm-Up, Combinetix Form Movements, Intense SAQ Work, 90-min strength sessions
*Includes unlimited Rehab/Prehab sessions per week


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